Thursday, September 16

This week we have a whole bunch of great stuff going down. Gui and Jenn are returning to teach a couple of classes after a long hiatus from teaching, and Solomon Douglas ( will be joining us all the way from Seattle (!!!) to throw down some live Blues and jazz all night long! As with all band nights, we’ll be going to midnight to fit it all in! Without further ado:

Dancing Subtle (Intermediate, 7:30-8:1…5)

Big, flashy moves often get a lot of attention on the dance floor, but the fun use of subtle moves are usually what gets your partner smiling in social dances (and which can get tons of attention in competitions if done well). This lesson will focus on giving you a new subtle move vocabulary and starting you thinking about how to use smaller movements in your dance to greater effect.

Moves, Moves, Moves (Beginner, 8:15-9:00)

We got ’em, you want ’em. Come learn how to spin around, walk fancy, and do all sorts of fun moves on the dance floor. You’ve been asking for more moves in our beginner classes, so we’re giving ’em to you!

After the lessons, Solomon Douglas will be throwing down Blues and jazz from 9 PM to midnight with his bassist. Christine Moser will be DJing the band breaks as Solomon and company take breathers.

The lessons from 7:30 to 9:00 will be $5, and the extended dance (9-12) with Solomon playing live music will be $10.

See you all out on the dance floor!

Thursday, September 9

Hey, everyone!  We love that everyone came out last week for the Delta Generators!  It seems like that was a great way to see summer out the door. Things are cooling down now.  To everything, there is a season (turn, turn, turn).  Speaking of turns, we’ve got Shawn and Amanda this week teaching…

Intermediate – Spins and Turns
This class will focus on techniques to improve leading and following spins and turns.  We’ll start with some solo work and move on to the secrets of the connection behind spins and turns.

Beginner – Blues Connection
The basis for all great partnered dancing is connection!  This week’s beginner blues lesson will focus on how to establish connection, make it feel great, and use it to lead and follow your partner.

Following this, we’ve got John Brooks and Steve York DJing. They’ll spin you right round.

Thursday, August 19

This week we have Joy Arico traveling all the way from Rochester, NY to DJ a set and teach us some lessons! Without further ado, those lessons are:

Scattering JOY (Intermediate, 7:30-8:15):

This lesson delves deeper into Blues connection. This is a topic rarely discussed that is very dear to my heart. As leads and follows, there is a tendency at every level to add unwanted noise to the dance. For follows, we will discuss and pra…ctice techniques to filter out the noise and dance the intended lead. Learning to do this first; will help you clearly add shines without interrupting your connection later. For leads,we will discuss and practice techniques that help add clarity. You know what you want, so should your follow.

Embracing Close Embrace (Beginner, 8:15-9:00)

In this class we will share the 3 main shapes of Blues connection, and practice movement in each. The focus will be on relaxation and moving with your partner in close embrace. After this lesson you should be able to have a fun night of dancing with strangers, and friends at Blues Union!

After the lessons, Tim Lewandowski will be joining Joy at the DJ booth to bring us a whole jarful of Blues.

As always, the dance is $5, and the lessons beforehand are $5.

Thursday, August 12

This week we have the lovely Carsie Blanton coming to us all the way from Philadelphia, PA. She’s going to put both her musician and dancer hat on at once to give us…

Matching the Mood of the Music (Intermediate, 7:30-8:15):

How can you be musical without knowing lots of “moves”? Shape the vocabulary you already have to fit any song! In this class, we’ll apply some simple ideas to some simple vocabulary, and come up with infinite ways to match the music. In the intermediate version of this, we’ll be practicing how to take the same vocabulary and shape it to fit in different tempos and styles, including Chicago, Delta, and slow jazz.

Matching the Mood of the Music (Beginner, 8:15-9:00):

How can you be musical without knowing lots of “moves”? Shape the vocabulary you already have to fit any song! In this class, we’ll apply some simple ideas to some simple vocabulary, and come up with infinite ways to match the music. In the beginner version of this, we’ll work on shaping our basic to match the moods and dynamics of different songs.

After the lessons, Amy Kucharik will be teaming up with Carsie to bring us an excellent mix of Boston and Philly Blues! Margaret and Amelia will also be teaming up, to bring us lots of foodstuffs.

As always, the dance is $5, and the lessons before the dance are $5.

Thursday, July 22

This week Julie Brown and Shawn Hershey will be teaming up to bring us a couple of awesome lessons:

Shape Shiftin’ (Intermediate, 7:30-8:15):

Usually, we dance face-to-face, but there are plenty of other ways to dance! Why not play around with some more interesting shapes? Front-to…-back, offset, side-to-front, who knows?! We’ll work on crazy connections and shape changes, while discussing what helps us stay connected, no matter how we’re facing.

Ballroomin’ for Beginners (Beginner, 8:15-9:00):

There are a two main overarching styles of Blues dancing, Jukin’ and Ballroomin’. Ballroomin’ is intended to be big and graceful, making gentle fun of traditional Ballroom style. In this lesson we’ll give you some moves to get around the floor classily when the music gets jazzy and sassy.

This week the DJ table is shared by an old favorite and some fresh blood – Julie Brown will be tearing it up alongside Steve “Foodman” York! Come support Steve during his first set at Blues Union!

During the dance, Steve, Micki and Adrienne will be providing yummy baked goods.

As always, the lessons cost $5 and the dance costs $5. If you sign up for both, the price is a low, low… $10!