Thursday, August 23

We’ve got one more installment of stylish Drag Blues, this time with Jenn Martinez and Chris Mayer:

Drag Blues (7:30-8:30)
Learn some stylish moves in Drag Blues! In this series, we’ll be using close embrace, counter body movement and weight-sharing to create dips, leans, drags, and maybe even a few lifts. We’ll challenge your core strength and your control to add more dynamic movement into your dancing!

Note: To take this class, you must be at the intermediate level at New School Swing, or have a recommendation from a Blues Union instructor. To get a recommendation, ask an instructor at the Blues Clinic 🙂 More information can be found on our Upcoming Classes page.

Blues Basics (8:30-9:00)
This will be a weekly class designed not only for the novice, but anyone wanting to focus on the fundamentals of Blues dancing. It will provide enough vocabulary to have fun on the dance floor, as well the opportunity to hone and polish the core techniques behind the dance.

Devona Cartier and Amy Kucharik will be behind the DJ booth to meet your Blues needs.

As always, the lesson is $5 and the dance is an additional $5.

Thursday, November 18

This week we have Jenn Martinez and Jamie Triplett teaming up to break down some of the basics to help you feel the Blues:

Feel those Turns (Intermediate, 7:30-8:15)
Like true stories, the Blues has a beginning, a middle, and an end. We’ll break down each piece of some fundamental turns so that leads can be clear and dynamic, and follows can be controlled and receptive. By the end of the class you’ll be more confident to use higher energy turns that are exciting and feel great!

Pulse It (Beginner, 8:15-9:00)
If you wanna dance the Blues, you gotta have pulse. It adds spice, it’s musical, and it’s fun! The class will cover creating a pulse to the music, using variations, and communicating clearly with your partner; everything you need for a great dance.

Afterward, Stephen York and Khrysti Smyth will be ready to give you the Blues.

As always, the lesson is $5 and the dance an additional $5.

Thursday, November 11

All right folks, we have another treat for you this week. Boston recently acquired 2 more top-notch instructors, Joshua Boroff and Devona Cartier. This week marks the first time they’ll be teaching together at Blues Union.

Technique in Partnering (Intermediate – 7:30-8:15)
The fundamentals beyond a basic understanding are what this class is about. Specifics of frame, connection, leading and following are looked at in greater depth. What does it mean to lead with your body? What does it mean for follows to wait until led?

Slow Drag (Beginner – 8:15-9:00)
Slow Drag the most useful of all the vintage blues dances. You can use it for any blues song, any tempo. The simplicity of the basic step allows you to focus on body movement and connection in class, and musicality and improvisation out on the dance floor.

Afterward, Devona will also be joining John Brooks behind the DJ booth to tickle your Blues fancy.

As always, the lessons are $5, and the dance is an additional $5.

Thursday, November 4

It’s that time again… we’ve got a Blues Clinic and live music this week!

Our monthly Blues Clinics are 1.5 hours of personalized instruction, where students dance with instructors and get individual feedback on their dancing. Music play…s continuously in the background, and students are encouraged to social dance and give each other feedback while not dancing with instructors. There is also a long beginner lesson running thro…ughout, making the Clinic perfect for introducing newcomers to Blues Dancing.

In case you didn’t know, every year the Boston Blues Challenge is thrown down to determine which band to send to the International Blues Challenge. This year, Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers won the challenge, and this week, we are delighted to have them playing for us. And, if that isn’t enough, Jenny Sowden from NYC will be DJing the band breaks.

As on all live music nights, we will be running till midnight. The dance will cost $10 to cover the band, and the Clinic is an additional $5.

Thursday, October 28

This week we have Paul Mandel and Christine Moser teaming up to show you how to put more dynamics in your dancing:

Polyrhythms (Intermediate – 7:30-8:15)
Blues is all about rhythm, and we’re going to teach you how to put those rhythms in your body! We’ll cover some basic rhythms and then we’re going to push into expressing different rhythms with different parts of your body. Prepare for some fun isolations and challenging musicality!

Fundamentals of Rhythm (Beginner – 8:15-9:00)
We’ve got rhythm, we’ve got music, we’ve got dancing, who could ask for anything more? We’ll be using basic steps and rhythmic variations to create dynamic patterns in your dancing which will make your partner go ‘mmmmmm’.

Afterward we’ll have our own Steve York and the lovely Ms. Leslie Stevenson coming in all the way from Albany, NY to spin us some tunes.

As always, the lesson is $5, and the dance is an additional $5.