Thursday, November 11

All right folks, we have another treat for you this week. Boston recently acquired 2 more top-notch instructors, Joshua Boroff and Devona Cartier. This week marks the first time they’ll be teaching together at Blues Union.

Technique in Partnering (Intermediate – 7:30-8:15)
The fundamentals beyond a basic understanding are what this class is about. Specifics of frame, connection, leading and following are looked at in greater depth. What does it mean to lead with your body? What does it mean for follows to wait until led?

Slow Drag (Beginner – 8:15-9:00)
Slow Drag the most useful of all the vintage blues dances. You can use it for any blues song, any tempo. The simplicity of the basic step allows you to focus on body movement and connection in class, and musicality and improvisation out on the dance floor.

Afterward, Devona will also be joining John Brooks behind the DJ booth to tickle your Blues fancy.

As always, the lessons are $5, and the dance is an additional $5.