Thursday, June 11

Hey, folks! Ogden Sawyer and Amanda Gruhl will be joining us yet again, opening Blues Union with a beginner’s lesson at 7:30pm- so if you’ve been wanting to get into it, or you have a friend you’ve been wanting to bring, this is a great chance! At 8pm, Ogden and Amanda bring us Interactive Blues. Here it is in their words:

How do followers know when and where they can add some styling to the dance without hijacking the lead?  How do leaders create space in the dance for the follower to style, while still maintaining the lead/follow dynamic? This class will cover the techniques necessary to create an interactive dance with your partner that allows both of you to have input into the dance. Followers will learn to suggest, rather than steal, and leads will earn how to take those suggestions and blend them seamlessly into the dance.  Don’t miss it, and don’t be late!

Following the lesson, Ogden Sawyer and John Brooks will be DJing.