Thursday, June 23

This week we will be continuing our Beginner lesson crash course with Gui and Jenn, which will run from 7:30 to 8:00. Come and soak up as much as you can, and then prepare yourself for… the Blues Clinic! We’ll be throwing Gui, Jenn, Julie, Sara and perhaps Ogden into the mix, giving personalized feedback to everyone for an hour instead of having a lesson. This is a great way to get better at Blues dancing FAST – you’re essentially getting a mini private lesson for a fraction of the price!

Once all that is done, the dancing kicks in full gear from 9 to 11. This Thursday we’ll have the lovely Downtown Julie Brown and Zac “I prefer beer” Wine throwing down some tunes for us.

Coming for the lesson or the Clinic and staying for the dance costs $10, while just the dance costs $5.