Thursday, July 16

This week Gui and Julie are teaming up to bring you “Strut Your Stuff”:

In the Interactive Blues class a few weeks ago, Ogden and Amanda showed you how to create space to play in your dancing. But what do you do with your new-found freedom? In this class, we’ll show you some of our favorite badass stylings to do when given space, as well as some of our favorite times to play. We’ll also be expanding on the concept of creating space to play, showing you some more ways to do it, including how leads can give themselves some room to show off for the follows too!

And leads… if you’re good, Gui will teach you how to spin.

Gui and Julie will be teaching this intermediate lesson from 7:30 to 8:30. From 8:30 to 9:00, they will teach a beginner crash course for newcomers to get up to speed in Blues dancing and be able to enjoy themselves on the social dance floor.

By a strange twist of scheduling, Julie and Gui will also be DJing the dance that runs from 9 to 11!

The lesson + dance cost $10, and the dance alone costs $5.