Thursday, February 4th

Once again, my friends, it’s the first Thursday of the month. It’s time to do battle!

To get things started right, we have our monthly Blues Clinic where all of the local Blues instructors are invited to wander around the venue giving personalized feedback and instruction to everyone who attends. Students can come to the lesson with anything between no prior experience and an advanced proficiency at the dance, and will come away with individual things to work on in their dancing.

This week, we’ll be throwing something new into the mix! Each person who attends the Blues Clinic will be automatically entered into a raffle that will be drawn at the end of the clinic. The person chosen will then get a free private lesson with the instructor pair of their choice!

After all that excitement, we’re going to take it up ANOTHER NOTCH with our monthly DJ battle! This month we have Gui Cavalcanti taking on John Brooks in the first set, and Julie Brown taking on Tim Lewandowski in the second set! In case you’re unfamiliar, our battles have our DJs switch off every song – for instance, John will play a good song, and then Gui will play a better one. And then John will try again, and then Gui will play an even better one. And so on, and so forth. Our DJ battles bring out our best music and the most energy – you don’t want to miss it!

As always, the Blues Clinic is from 7:30 to 9:00, and the dance is from 9:00 to 11:00. The Clinic costs $5, and the dance costs $5.

See you all out on the floor!