Thursday, March 18

Hey, folks!  Our month of guest instructors continues with Dan Repsch, whom you may recall from the competitions at Sweet Molasses Blues.  He’s here this week to bring us some out of town goodness.
Shapes, Shifts, and Safety belts
This is a lesson designed to acquaint beginners with the blues.  We’ll start with moving your own body, then introduce a partner and learn the basic shapes that blues dancers create in almost every dance.  If you don’t have any experience dancing you’ll be prepared for a social dance by the end of the class and if you’ve been dancing for a while you’ll come away with new ideas and some of the finer details of the fundamentals.
Putting Yourself Into Your Blues
This class uses a concrete structure to show how you can bring your personality out in your dancing.  We’ll briefly discuss the emotions present in selected songs, but the majority of the class will be spent dancing simple yet impactful ideas.  I’ll provide tools I’ve developed through both social dancing and numerous classes, and also look to the students for some of their interpretations so they can define their own dancing style