Thursday, June 3rd

This week we have our traditional first-Thursday-of-the-month Blues Clinic! For an hour and a half, all the Boston Blues instructors we can get will be in a room and available for brief one-on-one coaching sessions. Our focus is on improving your dancing, so we’ll each give you stuff to work on that comes from our own backgrounds in dance, and with all of our combined feedback you’ll have a really good feel for where you stand, what you’re doing well, and what you can work on specifically! All levels are welcome to attend – we usually have an hour-and-a-half long beginner class running throughout, so feel free to come even if you’re coming to Blues dancing for the first time.

After our Blues Clinic, we’ll have Gui Cavalcanti and Khrysti Smyth teaming up to bring you your music for the rest of the night!

This week we’ll have Amelia and Adrienne bringing us brownies, and Micki will be bringing a surprise!

As always, the clinic is $5 and the dance is $5.