Thursday, August 5

Hello everyone!

It’s once again time for our monthly Blues Clinic. Each month we take the time to put as many of our instructors in one room as possible, and each instructor dances with each Blues Clinic attendee and gives them personalized feedback on how to improve their dancing. Everybody then gets to practice what they’ve learned over the course of the session (7:30 to 9:00), and can go back to an instructor and ask questions… as many times as they want. At the same time as all this, we have an hour-and-a-half long beginner class running on one side of the room, making it a perfect way to bring friends into Blues dancing.

After the Blues Clinic, we’ll have Khrysti Smyth and Alex Abdoualev at the DJ booth!

Steve is once again going fancy with his food planning – this Thursday we’ll have decorative dessert night, with food provided by Karen, Micki, Adrienne, and Marina!