Thursday, October 14

This week we’ll be groovin’ out to some more upbeat blues! Julie Brown and Joshua Boroff will be bringing you two lessons for dancing to faster blues:

*Kick it up a notch (Intermediate, 7:30-8:15)*

Just ‘cause it’s blues, doesn’t mean it has to be slow…In this class, we’re turning up the tempo, and showing you some ways to still get down! With some vintage dances and sweet balboa-inspired moves, you’ll be able to kick it to any …tempo of blues. Warning: shimmies or shakes may be involved.

*Fast Blues Basics (Beginner, 8:15-9:00)*

Learn some blues basics for dancing to faster blues songs! We’ll cover some vintage dances and fun moves for dancing to upbeat blues. If you’re new to blues, this class will be enough to get you out on the floor, dancing, and having fun.

After the lessons John Brooks and Julie Brown will be bringing you their usual excellent music, but with a leaning towards more upbeat tunes. They’ve got some sweet songs they’ve been excited to play for awhile!

As always, the dance is $5 and the lesson is an additional $5.