Thursday, October 28

This week we have Paul Mandel and Christine Moser teaming up to show you how to put more dynamics in your dancing:

Polyrhythms (Intermediate – 7:30-8:15)
Blues is all about rhythm, and we’re going to teach you how to put those rhythms in your body! We’ll cover some basic rhythms and then we’re going to push into expressing different rhythms with different parts of your body. Prepare for some fun isolations and challenging musicality!

Fundamentals of Rhythm (Beginner – 8:15-9:00)
We’ve got rhythm, we’ve got music, we’ve got dancing, who could ask for anything more? We’ll be using basic steps and rhythmic variations to create dynamic patterns in your dancing which will make your partner go ‘mmmmmm’.

Afterward we’ll have our own Steve York and the lovely Ms. Leslie Stevenson coming in all the way from Albany, NY to spin us some tunes.

As always, the lesson is $5, and the dance is an additional $5.