Thursday, September 1

It’s time for another new series! This month we are delighted to bring you more of Chris Mayer, this time teaming up with our own Amanda Gruhl:

Chris and Amanda’s Blues Playtime (All Levels, 7:30-8:30)
Dancing isn’t dancing if it isn’t fun!  Chris and Amanda love to play around while they dance, and this series will show you all the different ways they can work having fun into their dance.  Get ready to be ridiculous!

Beginner Crash Course (8:30-9:00)
This will be a weekly feature designed to introduce novices to Blues dancing. It will provide enough vocabulary to have fun on the dance floor. Plus, when students feel comfortable with this material, they’ll be ready for the Series classes.

Steve York and Devona Cartier will be behind the DJ booth, ready to satisfy your Blues cravings.

We’ve dropped the class prices back to $5, and as always, the dance is $5.