Thursday, January 19

This is the last week of some solo Blues goodness, courtesy of Julie Brown and Jenn Martinez:

Solo Riffin’ (7:30-8:30)
One of the beauties of the Blues is you can dance it solo as well as partnered. In this series we’ll start by building a solid vocabulary, and then show you how to use it, the music, and your fellow dancers to inspire even more creativity.

Beginner Crash Course (8:30-9:00)
This will be a weekly feature designed to introduce novices to Blues dancing. It will provide enough vocabulary to have fun on the dance floor. Plus, when students feel comfortable with this material, they’ll be ready for the Series classes.

Gui Cavalcanti and Khrysti Smyth will be behind the DJ booth, ready to keep you dancing all night.

As always, the lesson is $5 and the dance is an additional $5.