Thursday, July 26

We just completed our first intermediate series, so it’s time for a Clinic! With this class change comes a format change to help support dancers of all levels:

Blues Clinic (7:30-9)
During Blues Clinics we gather as many instructors as we can for personalized instruction. Students dance with instructors and get individual feedback on their dancing. Music plays continuously in the background, and students are encouraged to social dance and give each other feedback while not dancing with instructors.

For the first half of the Clinic the instructors will focus on working with the intermediate and and advanced dancers. For the second half, they will focus on helping beginners. But no matter your level, you’re still welcome to approach a teacher at any time during the Blues Clinic to get help and feedback. It’s also a great time to talk the instructors about taking the intermediate level classes.

Plus, we’re bringing in a dancer favorite: Shawn Hershey and the Blues Bananas! Music by dancers for dancers, the Blues Bananas will keep you dancing all night with their unique blend of traditional jazz and blues. You can learn more at

Since we have a band playing, we’ll be going till midnight.

As always, the Clinic is $5, and as with live music nights, the dance will be $10.