Thursday, May 3

This month we’ve got two styles of blues with one fabulous instructor pair:

Chicago Triple (7:30-8:30)
with Ruth Evelyn and Mike Grosser
Get down and settle into the groove with Chicago Triple. This style feels great over a wide range of tempos and is perfect for a lot of music that you hear from live blues bands. We’ll play with digging our feet into the floor for triples, and how to make the dance feel different from other triple-step dances. This class will also cover ways to preserve energy when dancing to more energetic songs.

Blues Basics: Ballroomin’ A (8:30-9:30)
with Ruth Evelyn and Mike Grosser
This weekly drop-in class is designed for new-to-blues dancers or anyone wanting to focus on the fundamentals. No experience or partner required! This month, we’ll be learning some ballroomin’ blues! Ballroomin’ is a sub-style of blues dances that were danced in ballrooms across America. Danced to jazz-blues, these dances have more partnered moves and often travel around the dance floor. This month, we’ll work on our close embrace connection and leading & following skills, through learning One Step & Two Step for blues.

Julie Brown and Mike Grosser will be behind the DJ booth to get you in a Blues mood.

As always, the lesson is $5, and the dance an additional $5.