Thursday, September 19

We’ve got more fun content to explore in:

Extended Topics: Gimme that Stretch, that Cushy Stuff (7:00-8:00)
with Julie Brown
This month, we’ll work on creating stretchy, comfortable, functional moments in our connection, for both leaders & followers. There’s a lot of wonderful detail in this technique and no matter your familiarity with the concept of stretch & compression, we’ll have something for you to work on or play with during each class. Like last month, we’ll continue to use one or two moves per class to work on these techniques in a focused context, with lots of opportunity to practice/rep things in each class.

Level: Advanced beginner to advanced

Blues Basics: Triple-Step & Improvisation (8:00-9:00)
with Jenn Martinez
This drop-in class is designed for new-to-blues dancers or anyone wanting to focus on the basics! No experience or partner required! This month, each week covers a different topic. Some weeks, we’ll learn blues dances that use a triple-step rhythm, and work on traveling, chill turns, and side passes. Other weeks, we’ll learn how to listen to the music, find your own basic, and build a beautiful dance to any style of blues music.

Julie Brown and Don Coverdale will be behind the DJ booth to satisfy your Blues cravings.

As always, the lesson is $5 and the dance an additional $5.