Thursday, March 5

Join us this month as we focus on partnership dynamics in:

Extended Topics: Stringing It Together! (7:00-8:00)
with Joey Science
You can shimmy, you can shake, but can you lead and/or follow cool moves? This class will take some of the basic moves and floor patterns that you see in beginner classes around town and weave them together into cooler and hotter moves for your blues dancing pleasure. You should know how to lead or follow inside and outside turns, and be able to lead and follow traveling turns and spot turns to get the most benefit out of this class.

Blues Basics: Partner Conversation (8:00-9:00)
with Charlene Chow and Kal Anderson
This month, we’ll work on the basics of how followers and leaders build a dance together in blues, and how partners each express their personal style while leading or following.

Each lesson is $5, You can also pre-register for the entire month at:

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