Thuesday September 17

Another fine Thursday, and another intermediate lesson to challenge dancers this week! This time it’s Julie and Ogden teaming up for Traveling Blues and Blues Maneuvers:

“It’s fun to dance in one spot, but why not move around the room and see the sights? In this class, we’ll be teaching some slick and sassy traveling moves to get you moving around the room. But traveling moves can be tough on a crowded dance floor, so we’ll also show you how to use these moves to maneuver around obstacles without interrupting the flow of the dance. At the end of class, we’ll put your new-found agility to the test with some funny, challenging drills! It should be a blast, so come on out!”

Remember to tell friends that we always have a beginner drop-in lesson after the intermediate lesson! Following that, we have DJs Ogden and Khrysti taking you through the night and showing you what’s badass.