Thursday, September 10

Gui and Jenn will be teaching a class this week on Letting Your Body Do The Work: “It turns out that your body knows how to come up with moves on its own, you just have to let it! In this class we’ll show you a progression of three solo movements that blend into each other seamlessly, and we’ll teach you how to lead and follow them in partnered form. We’ll then start you with a different solo movement (that can be lead in a partnered connection) to get going, show you how to transition to a second set of movements, and ask you to fill in the transition to a third, guiding you through the process as you go.

To wrap up the class, we’ll give you a movement to start and ask you to fill in the second and third movements. By the end of the class, you should feel like you can come up with your own strings of solo movements, and you should feel confident that you can dance them both on your own and in a partnered connection.”

Gui will be returning to the DJ table this week, joined by none other than the smooth Zac Wine! Gui is still pumped from last week’s DJ throwdown, and is more than ready to bring it again. When asked if he was also ready, Zac sounded a loud battlecry. So I think we’re all set here.