Thursday, September 3

This Thursday, come out to Blues Union in Union Square and welcome back all the college folks!  This promises to be a great week with lots of excellent dancing.  We’re going to start off at 7:30pm with a blues clinic focusing on solo movement- so if you’ve wanted to work on your moves in solo or breakaway, this is great opportunity!  We will still be helping people with partnered connection if that’s what you’re feeling.  Feel free to come for a drop-in lesson as well- even if you’ve never blues danced before, our instructors will help you out!

At 9pm, get ready for badassery: DJs Julie Brown, Gui Cavalcanti, and John Brooks trade off songs for you to dance to during the night.  They’ll be trading ones, which means after one of them plays one song, the next DJ brings his or her considerable DJ might to bear to play the perfect song to make you move!  Come and cheer on your DJs, and have a great time on the floor!