Thursday, November 19

Julie Brown is bringing us a class that she taught at the renowned Blues Muse workshop down in Philadelphia!  Joining her this week is Paul Mandel. (Psst. It’s his debut as an instructor at Blues Union!)  These two are going to show us how to make it hot in simple, subtle ways with Creating and Filling the Space:

There is an incredible amount of space in blues music. It’s slow, it’s stretchy, and full of tension and release. In this class, we’ll be working with some subtle forms of expression that you can use to really stretch the music and fill the space there. This class will give you several excellent tools to help you respond to the music and add texture, variety, and subtlety to your dancing.

DJs John Brooks and Khrysti Smyth will be reigning over the floor and turning Dance Union into a whole thing. You’re gonna like it.

As usual, it’s just $10 for great instruction plus the dance, or $5 for the dance alone.