Thursday, November 5

Here we go!

This Thursday we’re pulling out all the stops and throwing down our once-a-month bash.

To get things started, we have a Blues Clinic from 7:30 to 9:00! We’ll have Gui Cavalcanti, Jenn Martinez, Shawn Hershey, Amanda Gruhl, Julie Brown and Sara Gaynor all in one room giving you personal feedback on your dancing. That’s right – most of Boston’s Blues instructors in one room, working together to help you dance better for an hour and a half! Feel free to bring complete newcomers to the clinic! We have more than enough instructor horsepower to make sure everyone gets up to speed and has a great time.

All of that for the bargain price of $5? Come on, you know you can’t resist.

And then, my friends, then we have the DJ Battle. You know how this goes – one DJ lays down a fantastic song, the other has to follow with a better song, the first has to follow with an even better song… and so on and so forth until the dance hall is rocked off its foundations. This month we’re bringing our up-and-coming DJs into the fold – Gui Cavalcanti and Amy Kucharik will be laying down some heavy-duty Blues for the first hour, and Julie Brown and Alex Abdoualev will be knocking us out with some wall-shakin’ trad jazz for the second hour.

And again, all that for $5. Whaaat? $10 for the lesson and dance, $5 for one or the other but not both.

If you come to one Blues Union a month, make this it – we’re going to rock Dance Union like it’s back ain’t got no bones.