Thursday, February 11th

Hello, hello!

This month we’re going to have a class description for both the beginner class and the intermediate class! Check out what Shawn and Julie are teaching this week:

Intermediate (7:30-8:15): This week, we’ll focus on closed position and close embrace. Learn our favorite tips for leading and following in closed/close, when we like to use this type of connection, and some neat ways you can use this connection to do cool things.

Beginner (8:15-9:00): New to blues? Want to brush up on your basics? Come to the beginner lesson to learn the basics of blues dance, as well as plenty of moves to get you traveling around the room.

After the lessons, John Brooks and Micki Balder will be spinning the night away for us, and Amy Kucharik and Karen Dunham will be bringing food for us!

Hope to see you soon!