Thursday February 18

February is our month for working on connection in our intermediate classes! Last week Julie and Shawn focused on connection in close embrace, and this week Gui and Jenn will be going to the other extreme and focusing on connection in open position and breakaway. Maintaining solid, comfortable connection through open position requires a lot of practice and knowledge of momentum and balance, but the big payoff is that you have the most freedom of movement available to you of all of the frames. It’ll be a hard class, but it’ll be worth it!

In our beginner class, we’ll be focusing on the Blues aesthetic. What makes the dance you’re doing Blues dancing? How do you get that 2-AM-in-a-Mississippi-juke-joint look and feel without traveling for a couple of hundred miles and downing a pitcher of beer? We’ll be talking about your posture, your attitude, and your movement and how they all interact to create a solid dance.

Our intermediate classes run from 7:30 to 8:15, and our beginner classes run from 8:15 to 9:00.

Finally, you can look forward to DJs Gui Cavalcanti and Amy Kucharik bringing it to the dance floor!