Thursday, September 9

Hey, everyone!  We love that everyone came out last week for the Delta Generators!  It seems like that was a great way to see summer out the door. Things are cooling down now.  To everything, there is a season (turn, turn, turn).  Speaking of turns, we’ve got Shawn and Amanda this week teaching…

Intermediate – Spins and Turns
This class will focus on techniques to improve leading and following spins and turns.  We’ll start with some solo work and move on to the secrets of the connection behind spins and turns.

Beginner – Blues Connection
The basis for all great partnered dancing is connection!  This week’s beginner blues lesson will focus on how to establish connection, make it feel great, and use it to lead and follow your partner.

Following this, we’ve got John Brooks and Steve York DJing. They’ll spin you right round.