Thursday, June 27

We’ve got one more chance for you to get it with our latest round of classes:

Extended Topics: Get Those Tempos! (7:00-8:00)
with Joey Science and Zach Brass
To kick off the new extended topics format for the 7pm class this month, we’re going to work with the theme of “Get It Boston”! Let’s get reeeeeeeeal slow and really really fast in this last class. Your balance and power will be fortified, giving you the skills you need when it gets below 60 bpm or above 180 bpm. You don’t need any specific pre-reqs to participate in the class.

Blues Basics: Struttin’ & Improvisation (8:00-9:00)
with Joey Science
This month, each week covers a different topic. Some weeks, we’ll work on Struttin’–a close embrace dance great for mid-to-uptempo blues–and work on close embrace connection and zippy turns. Other weeks, we’ll learn how to listen to the music, find your own basic, and build a beautiful dance to any style of blues music.

Julie Brown and Paul Loschak will behind the DJ booth to get your Blues groove on.

As always, the lesson is $5, and the dance an additional $5.