This week at Blues Union

Thursday, January 27

Blues Union is proud and excited to be joining forces with New School Swing to bring you Blues class series! Starting next month, Blues Union will hold Beginner series classes from 7:30 to 8:30 and a Beginner crash course from 8:30 to 9. New School Swing will host an Intermediate series from 7:30 to 8:30 and shuttle folks to Blues Union afterward. The Blues Clinics will be held the last week of the month for both levels.

To bid the old class format good-bye with style we have Julie Brown teaming up with Paul Mandel to bring you:

Blues with a Twist (Intermediate 7:30-8:15)
Learn a short sequence and a simple lift, as a way to work on the concepts of active following, frame matching, and body leading.

Jazzy Blues (Beginner 8:15-9:00)
Learn (or refresh yourself on) some blues basics for dancing to jazz! We’ll cover some traveling moves, turns, and more. If you’re new to blues, this class will be enough to get you out on the floor, dancing, and having fun!

Afterward Julie will be heading straight for the DJ booth with Stephen York to satisfy your Blues cravings.

As always, the lesson is $5, and the dance an additional $5.

Thursday, January 20

This awful weather should clear up on Thursday, so come celebrate with some Blues! This week we have Joshua and Devona bringing us some, dare we say it, awesome lessons:

Intermediate Awesomeness (7:30-8:15)
In this class they will focus on crystal-clear leading and following like a ninja. These skills will be utilized in a good practice pattern or two, plus they’ll throw in some rad moves to boot!

Beginner Awesomeness (8:15-9:00)
The beginner class will focus on turns and passes, great basic moves for any dance. They’ll be throwing in a lot of Blues technique to make your dancing look and feel good.

Afterward, John Brooks and Micki Balder will team up to serve up some damn fine Blues.

As always, the lesson is $5, and the dance an additional $5.

Thursday, January 13

First off, thank you to everyone who came and made our BFX kick-off at the Whistle Stop such a smashing success! This week we’ll be returning to our Dance Union home with a Blues Clinic.

During Blues Clinics we gather as many instructors as we can for 1.5 hours of personalized instruction. Students dance with instructors and get individual feedback on their dancing. Music plays continuously in the background, and students are encouraged to social dance and give each other feedback while not dancing with instructors. There is also a long beginner lesson running throughout, making the Clinic perfect for introducing newcomers to Blues Dancing.

DJs this week are Amy, Khrysti, and special guest Mark Carpenter from California.

As always, the clinic is $5 and the dance an additional $5.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blues Union is back for the new year and we’re starting it off big! We’re proud to be the unofficial Thursday venue of the Boston Fusion Exchange. This is so big, in fact, that we’re gonna need a bigger venue! For this night only, we’ll be at the Crosby Whistle Stop. And to contain it all, we’re going till midnight.

The Whistle Stop is located at 24 Roland St in Charlestown, MA.

To kick it off in style we have 2 instructors from the exchange: Ruby Red and John Joven of Chicago. You can check out their bios at:

Juke Joint Styling and Conversation (Intermediate, 7:30-8:15)
Beef up your basics with torso and hip styling. Learn the difference between isolation and connected movement and discover new ways to interpret the music and add complexity to your dance. With a flexible, attuned frame, you’ll practice adding to the conversation as a follow and listening as a lead.

Juke Joint Blues (Beginner, 8:15-9:00)
Learn the fundamentals of dancing at the Juke Joint from these BluesShout finalists! The connection is relaxed, the moves are pulsy, and there’s lots of room for improvisation play.

DJs will be John Joven, Devona Cartier, and Christine Moser.

And as always, the lesson is $5, and the dance an additional $5.

Thursday, December 9

As you probably know, this weekend is the big Mike and Reuel Workshop Weekend ( for those who don’t know). We here at Blues Union are giving you a taste of what’s to come by bringing in Mike and Reuel to teach the lessons this week!

Afterward, Mike will be joining one of our own behind the DJ booth to have you dancing all night.

Plus, we have a food treat, so save your appetites. We’ll be serving up a grilled cheese night. It was a big hit before, so we’re bringing it back.

As always, the lesson is $5, the dance an additional $5, and the food is free.